Saturday, July 05, 2008

5105 Cowl is done.......................Next

It's done and I can't wait to wear it. It was pretty easy and looks much better than to photos shows much better. This pattern is a keeper for sure. Okay I have made the pattern as is for the muslin, for a real garment I added to the pattern, now its time to play around with some morphing. Here I am using another mccall's. This time it is 5520. Instead of a two piece bodice I am combining it with my 5105 and making it one piece. You can see this in the photo. I lined up at the shoulder edge and moved it back 1 inch from center to allow for my fuller bust since this will not have any darts. I'm making this up as I go I really don't have any experience when it comes to playing with patterns but everything is a learning experience when your trying something new. For this version I am using a brown paisley I got off ebay. Its a poly lycra so no wear until the weather cools. But of this is for my Fall wardrobe so I had no plans on wearing it just yet. Happy sewing


PraiseFiddler said...

Hi I found your blog via your profile at pattern review. Your username caught my attention (sewmodest) because my username is sewmodestchic lol. I am not as good at sewing as I'd like to be but I do love it as a hobby. I like your blog and I'll have to check out the Marcy Tilton website as well. Anyway just thought I'd stop by and say hi to a fellow modest sewer :-)

West Coast Boomer said...

I love Cowl Collars. What a great job you did on this! I am working on my changing a RTW T-Shirt into a pattern for a cowl collared Tshirt. You are inspirational.


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