Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vogue 8330 Sewing in Steps

 For me one of the hardest things about sewing is knowing everything I have to go through from starting with a new pattern to fitting to muslin to adjustments to more fitting and then getting to the fashion fabric and taking my time to sew it up nicely, that's a lot and can be overwhelming or discouraging depending on the circumstance. That is part of the reason I'm so into the idea of using TnT patterns. Only problem is that TnTs start off just like all other patterns before they end up as TnTs, so while I'm building my pattern collection, this is what I will have to go through. Last night when I was thinking about all that I wanted to sew this month and then also find and fit a dress pattern for the LBD contest coming up next month, I became a bit overwhelmed and sometimes for me that leads to discouragement and then not doing anything and of course it leads to failure. Not this time I have to push past all these things if I want to reach my sewing goals. So after that moment I remembered someone mentioning breaking things down into steps and just focus on the step you are on and nothing else and then before you know it your done. So I broke down fitting and making up my jeans into fourteen steps or two weeks worth of work, I'm hoping to make it less than that but if not its okay.

My first step was to trace and cut out all 10 of my pattern pieces, which is now done. Now 13 more steps to go, but I will not post them ahead of time instead I will post them as I complete them. So stay tuned.

Until next time, happy sewing...

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