Sunday, October 07, 2012

Learning To Sew Blog.

I was hoping to be able to write a different blog post for today, but my vest is still not done yet. I missed a few days due to family life, things happen. So I'll talk about another work in progress, my other blog. I was hoping to get back into completing the projects and reviewing the series in September but just like with my vest life happens. So I'm giving my self more time to get things in order so I can do it justice. I was going to pick up were I left off, having completed the first three levels, but instead I'm going to start from the beginning and try to be more complete in my review of the tapes and projects.  I also plan to give current pattern numbers so that anyone who wants to sew along can or at least start looking into patterns if they want to try it.

I highly recommend the set for anyone who wants to learn to sew but can not afford classes, have times that are not convenient, need to see things maybe more than once, or really need it broken down to understand or whatever the case maybe. While I do like it for teaching yourself to sew there are a few things I don't like, one the video is very dry meaning its like your listening to a lecture with no enthusiasm  it looks as if she is just reading from cards behind the camera, so it gets dull very quickly. Two is the fact she doesn't cover finishing the seams so this would be something you would have to learn and explore on your own. My third issue is knits, she briefly explains what a knit is and that there are different machine needles used to sew them but that is it, you will not learn to sew knits. Even with those issues I still recommend it.

So my goal is to be ready by the beginning of next year, so please be patient with me, if you can't wait you can always try it out for yourself.

Until next time, happy sewing

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Carla Belyea said...

Sounds like an exciting goal. Looking forward to your videos and blogs about better sewing.


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