Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Visit To The Fabric Store

 Last night I got a chance to pop in on one of my favorite fabric stores to pick up some fabric for my LBD. I decided to take some picks so others can see where I shop here. There are others but this is one of my favorites because his prices are reasonable has a good selection within such a small space and its easy for me to pop in and out of sometimes unlike some of the other stores that are hidden within the walls of the souk. The man who runs the shop does not speak English so I just have to go on touch and drape or sometimes the salvage of the fabric to tell me what it is and my fabric knowledge is VERY limited, but can tell me in English how much per meter everything is and if not I have learned my numbers by now so even if he belts it out in Arabic I understand.

So a quick tour, this is the view from the door from the main road side. It has two entrances one off the main street and then the back which is within the walls of the souk.

This pointing in the direction of the door from the first photo, on the left are some of his knits.
 Again this is pointing in the direction of the main entrance that I was standing in in the first pic.
This is looking at the other entrance to the souk. Think of it as an "L" shape and I am standing right where the corner is and this is the other way I'm looking from the one above.Is that clear as mud?
 Again looking at the second entrance but the other side behind the counter and the fabric they have laid out all over the counter. These are some of the cottons and cotton satins all shirt or dress weight.

This is behind the counter, mostly cotton satins here, this is the corner of the "L" shaped store behind the counter so standing where I am you can see both entrances to each of my sides. Also if you look at the roll on the counter or the bottom of the pic, it is one of the pieces of fabric he showed me when I was looking for my fabric it is a black cotton satin., I did not get it since I wanted something with a bit more drape and a little more weight to it also something that would not wrinkle like crazy.

Close up of some of the knits and don't be surprised if you see some of these pop up on here sometime in the near future.

 So this is what I ended up with, 3 meters of I don't know what. It looks a little like a linen but I can tell its not and it has some weight but not stiff. I tried to give you and idea of the drape and texture in the next two pics. I did a burn test but again still not sure.

As for my pattern I'm still not sure and I need to make up my mind soon. The Simplicity Project Runway pattern 2359 has just gone missing and I have not idea where it can be. So now to keep looking. As far as my jeans are concerned they have been put on hold for a minute, I had some issues with the fit and I have been trying to figure out how to save them and I think I have found a way but I need to walk away from them for a minute and then come back.

Until next time, happy sewing...


Sheila said...

That store looks like a fabric dream.

Natissa kuma said...

Asalamualeikum sister,Im a Muslimah of 18 years and live with my family in the DQ,As Safarat.Ive been living in Riyadh fro around 6 months,and I was curuoius about fabric store sin the area,as i like to sew.Ive visited Fabric stores near Deerah square and Umm al Hamam Street,But i was wondering where i could find more variety of prints and fabric types,especially knits and colourful patterns and pop colors.
Would you have any recommendations for me?

Halimah Choudhry said...

hello, this shop looks wonderful! May I ask where this store is please?

Halimah Choudhry said...

hello, this shop looks wonderful! May I ask where this shop is please as I have been searching desperately and have no idea where to go x


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