Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A 6PAC and A Mini

Okay so I am still working on fitting my vest pattern and it is taking me a lot longer than I expected as you can see  by the lack of  post since I have not posted any update these last few days. Also things have been very busy for me lately and with school coming up soon I don't plan on it slowing down anytime soon, so I hope to be using my free time to sew instead of being on the computer or the internet until school starts. For the next three weeks I KNOW I will NOT be updating my blog much, so be patient with me until then.

Now the whole reason that I put my shirt draft on hold was because I wanted to sew something now, and it seems that this vest has now put a hold on my sewing. I plan to finish fitting it but just not now, so I started  reworking my sewing plans when I found out the rules for the mini wardrobe contest had been posted so I combined both the 6PAC and min wardrobe contest. I have come up with a 7 piece wardrobe plan I hope that my plans are in line with the wardrobe contest since there has been some confusion with the rules, the 6PAC is a bit more flexible so I'm not worried about that. I'm NOT going to reveal my plan ahead of time. Instead I'll reveal it piece by piece over the next month and a half and hope that it works within the rules of the contest. The first three pieces will not be apart of the contest since 4 pieces have to be sewn during the contest time. So I'm working on which order to sew everything but more than likely the black skirt will be first since I want to sew NOW and everything is already ready for me to start cutting, we'll see.

Until next time happy sewing... 

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