Friday, July 27, 2012

Yeah I Have My Computer Fixed!!!

It only took a few months. Anyway I'm back blogging... hopefully.  The app that I used from my phone for  blogging was just NOT working for me for many reasons. So that got cut short.  So now that I have a computer to work from I have a lot of catching up to do with emails and post and so on. It has been so long I almost feel lost as to what to do, but I will take my time and not try to rush things and use my wisely. I hope to be posting my next sewing project soon. Also I have been refreshing my blog for a new more refreshing look so things will be changing more around here as I work on it.

This year or at least the first 6 months have not turned out the way I wanted to on many levels and that includes my sewing, it has come to a almost a halt and I am not pleased at all.  That does not mean it has to stay that way or end that way. I'm hoping to change that and make the next 6 months much more productive. I have been doing some reworking of my sewing room and patterns and have  redone my "designer dozen" patterns to start. Also I'm still working my way through "Design It Yourself Clothes" and am currently working on the shirt pattern, so far I have the bodice done and fitted. Now I'm currently hung up on the sleeve, the ease that was given is not enough for me and also getting the sleeve in without any drag lines is also a problem I am working on.  I had been working on that draft for over two weeks and I am ready to start making some clothes, so I have stopped working on it as much and have been pulling patterns and fabric so I can make something NOW.

So my next post I'll hopefully be showing my next sewing projet.
Until next time happy sewing...

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