Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Skirt and A Vest and A Cowl

 I'm thinking about participating in the 6PAC over at Stitcher's Guild but I am NOT going to lock myself into something I know I can't do, meaning I'm going to have the change the required pieces to fit my taste and sewing and fabric collection. So far I only have 4 pieces planned.
 They are:

  • A cowl knit top from Simplicity 2345 using this striped knit to the left. This will make it the forth time I have used this pattern and I hope to use it many more times I just love drape with my long neck and a necklace. The third time was into a maxi dress that I made while I wasn't blogging. So for my next post I do a little show and tell of that one.

  • Next up is a morph of New Look 6808 and the Sassy Librarian Blouse, I signed up for this course during the 4th of July sale the best price I have seen for the Craftsy classes so I got the two that I was interested in (more on that in another post). It has a lot of the same shaping and since I have already fitted the New look pattern I think I can just add the details from the SLB and use it for the course. For this top I'll be using a burgundy cotton with embroidered flowers and also it has some stretch to it, my sister got me this when she went to Morocco a few years ago, now I think its time to use it.

  • For my skirt and vest I plan to use the Vera stretch sateen I got from a few months ago. For the skirt I plan to use McCall's 3830 and the vest I plan to use Simplicity 4079.
The cowl pattern is the only pattern that I have used before all other are new to me but these are patterns that I am hoping that will become TnT patterns for me. Even though I have used New Look 6808 before I'll be adding and changing a lot more details than I have done before and I hope I can do them successfully, so I'm also including this as a new to me pattern too. 

So first up I'm thinking of doing the skirt and vest since they are both from the same fabric. I have already started fitting the skirt and it seems like I don't have a lot to do to make it wearable, but more on that later and the vest I'm hoping will be a breeze also. Well that is it for now so until next time, happy sewing...

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Bri said...

These all look like pieces that you will get to wear a lot, I'm loving the look of the Sassy Librarian Blouse!!!


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