Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Still No Laptop, Trying Something New

My laptop is still broken, it is fixable but the problem is getting it to the shop. Just this past week I found out about a new computer repair shop within walking distance from me but DH doesn't want me to take it there on my own, the reason is because one I'm a woman and two I speak only English and am American so because of that dollar signs seem to popup in peoples eyes and the price suddenly goes up from there. So for now if I want to continue blogging I'm forced to use my phone with this android app with not so good reviews. I have to admit, I have been missing blogging even if I'm not that good at it.

So things have not been going well for me lately and it has really brought me down to the point it has interfered with everything in my life from keeping in touch with friends and family to home life and my sewing, but I have to be strong. I have to be stronger than this and not let it bring me down anymore and try my best to get past it. Starting with doing something I really enjoy and that is of course sewing and patternmaking and sharing it with others. Thats why I went on and downloaded an app with not so great reviews, if it lets me do what I need it to do then that is fine with me. Also I have noticed that I have problem with focusing and my problem is not making it any better, so I have doing a lot of reading and listening on self discipline. If I can focus and start having a lot more success than empty promises and UFOs then I think it will help me a lot with how I am feeling and help me start to get better a little. Also I have ended my long term challenge right now is not a good time to be putting pressure on myself, I just need to enjoy the ride.  Until next time, happy sewing

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Keeping In Touch said...

Good to know about your blog i have visit and i am very inspired form your ideas hope you will be updating your blog..
Thank you for post.

Keeping In Touch


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