Monday, December 19, 2011

The Dress

Now normally I don't wear dresses for two reasons, one its hard for me to find them to fit me on both the top and bottom and also just ones that are flattering. I want more dresses, I love wearing them so why not. Finding the right pattern was a lot harder than I thought. All the patterns and Burdas I have did not have what I was looking for or only part of what I was looking for. So what I did was make a mental list of what the pattern had to have and I would not settle for any less since this had to be a pattern I was going to working with for the next year. Well after not find that in my pattern stash I looked through the patterns I was selling and came across the pattern I was looking for, Simplicity 2359. For some reason I never noticed this pattern before and Simplicities are some of my favorite patterns so I was surprised, I was also surprised how few reviews this one had but I like it and I plan to work with it. I already have my fabric ready and waiting for when I get around to fitting it.

Until next time happy sewing...

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