Monday, October 03, 2011

Blogtoberfest 2011

Its been over a month since I last posted, but not much has changed since sewing wise. At least as far as progress, I'm almost finish my anthro inspired outfit, I just need to hem both the skirt and top and I'm done. I hope to finish this weekend. One thing that has slowed me down is working, I started working as a first grade esl teacher and already I'm thinking about quitting. Yes the money would be nice for my fabric addiction but I really feel that its not worth it and that I'm not a good teacher and that it takes away from my family too much. But I feel like I need to work to have money right now to have something for myself, to do for myself, I know I have became too dependent. I'm still not sure if I'm going to try and continue to work or just come home where I'm needed more, but I know I'll just feel like even more of a failure to myself. But enough about that.

Today I signed up for blogtoberfest, the goal or idea is to blog everyday during the month of October I just found out about it today so I'm already 3 days behind but I won't let that stop me. Now anyone who reads my blog know that I try to blog as much as I can and I'm never able to do it regularly, but that is one of my goals for my blog is to blog everyday about any sewing/ designing. But I have to remember I am a mother of many and so my time is limited so I have to find a balance and so far I have not found it. But I also love a challenge and this is one I'm going to try.I may not always have pics but I'll try as much as I can since I love blogs that have pics and think they make a blog much more interesting.

Happy Sewing everyone

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gramma2many said...

Good luck. I joined for the first time too. It will be a challenge to find blog worthy things for an entire month of blogging.
I too was a mother of many, now I am Gramma2Many:)


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