Sunday, August 07, 2011

Taking my time with it

So here is where I am at with my skirt, I haven't even started on the top yet. But I hope to at least finish the skirt today and cut out my today also.
For my skirt I need to insert my zipper, apply interfacing to the skirt facing and attach those and hem. Not much by the looks of it but I know this will probably be an all day task for me. The kids just seem to go haywire when I'm in my room during the day for some reason. At the most I may get 10 or 15 mins of no interruption. So keeping to Nancy's 10,20,30 Minutes to Sew is a must for me to be able to complete anything. Also I have to learn to stick to one thing at a time, even though I'm not exactly doing that right now. But the top and the skirt are one project for me right now so I'm letting that rule slide for now.

Until next time happy sewing......

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