Sunday, July 24, 2011

SQOTW: Do you sew more for style of functionality?

SQOTW: Do you sew more for style of functionality? Do you sew because you can't find clothes that fit and you have to make your own, or do you sew because you just like creating your own style? 

Buying clothes has always been a challenge for me. It was always either trying to find the right style, or color to fit and price. I was always coming up short. The last straw came when I had a chance to go on a mini shopping spree at one of the largest mall around Baltimore aka Arundel Mills and I came back home empty handed, nothing, nada. I was upset to say the least. So I figured I would make my own clothes.

When I first started sewing I was focused more on style and fit but really had no clue what I needed or wanted and also I had no "eye" for fabric to pattern match. I did a lot of experimenting and had no fear at the time of sewing, I was sewing because I needed clothes but soon the joy of creating started to creep in and it was all I wanted to do. Then came and that changed everything including the fear to sew. It has now been 9 years even though most of that time I was off sewing more than on sewing, I think I have learned a lot and still have a lot to learn but I am getting better with each new challenge or garment, and still I have a fear of somethings. But now I sew first for function then I factor in style and fit. And with style and fit I have now ventured off into design and patternmaking which I am to quote a Micky D's commercial "I'm lovin it" right now. 

I still have a lot to learn and there are lot of things I wish to sew and make myself. So my sewing adventure has really just started for me and I hope it can continue for many more years and continue to be a joy in my life.

Until next time......Happy sewing

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