Monday, May 02, 2011

Making Tonight a TNT night with twitter

Well after being gone for 2 months, I think its time for me to do something for me. Not long before I stopped blogging I received some of the worst news I have ever had in my life, it changed everything around me. Someone I loved and trusted hurt me more than I can describe, as the saying goes the ones we love most are the ones that hurt us the most and it hurt. I guess I put too much of myself in something that is not guaranteed. I know it will be a long time before I'm any better but I need to start doing something for myself. What more than sewing and designing. 

I still don't have a camera but I do plan to tweet my progress and what I am doing until I do and still blog but not as much as I would like. I know myself I don't like to read a blog unless I have some visuals to go along with it. But I will do my best until then.

One of my current sewing obsessions is having a TnT basic top pattern. I want something easy but at the same time flattering.  Going too basic with most patterns so far just end up looking like a sack, so tonight I plan to pull an all nighter looking for, fitting, altering and adjusting a pattern I hope can be the start of a TnT top pattern. I hope to tweet my progress throughout the night and see how things end up for me. I plan to start in about a hour from now when I hope all the kids are asleep and my cleaning is done for the night, which should be around 11pm Riyadh time or 4pm eastern standard time. My twitter name is Sewmodest if you wish to follow along.

Happy sewing

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