Monday, January 31, 2011

January Progress

So here it is the last day of the month and all I have to show for it is nothing. But it has not been a productive month for me, I actually did get somethings done that I hope will make me more productive in the coming days and weeks ahead.

I put the black pants on hold temporally, and decided to some tracing, fitting and testing new patterns that I hope will become some TNTs for me. I came to the conclusion that I much as I like to make the latest new patterns and dive into the latest new Burda mag, I can't. Sewing now is not like it was when I started about 8 years ago when I had just one kid and one on the way. At that time I could just pick a pattern and work on it for large amounts of time and have a nice looking garment in no time. I was still a beginner but I took my time and it made all the difference in the world. I still have a shirt that I made as a total beginner, it took me about three weeks to get it done but that was because everything was new to me then and I wanted it to look like something I got from a fine boutique instead of someone asking if I had made it. When I was done I almost could not belive I had made it, and I wore it out for years after that until I accidently got a bleach stain on it. No one ever asked me if I made it or bought it until about 4 years ago I was at a little get together and someone was asking me about sewing and I mentioned that I had made the shirt I was wearing, another person who was sitting next to me remarked I would have never guessed you made that, that made my evening. Well now it is many years  and children later and things have to change. I have said this many times before but I really do need some Tried and True patterns that work for me and I would love to make over and over with some changes here and there.

I look at other sewing bloggers and watch as they push out garment after garment, at times I do get a little jealous I do admit because its what I want to do, make beautiful well fitted clothes for myself. But then I have to remember I'm not like them. A lot of them are emptynesters , have older children that can do for themselves, or not as many children as me, or no children at all. So I had to do some long and hard thinking about my sewing time and how to be more productive. Tracing patterns, cutting tissues, fitting tissues, making adjustments, making muslins , making more adjustments and then making a final muslin is very time consuming and I don't have a lot of time. So I made a list of patterns that I have sewn that I like and fit well and also new patterns that I like and style that I think are very classic and chic and that will work with my lifestyle.

So for the past week I put the pants aside and have tracing, fitting, and testing patterns. I have done at least 10 so far and I am almost done. I have so far two skirts, three knit tops, 3 woven top and 1 pair of pants, some these I already made up and did not have to work with and some are new. A lot of the newer things did not work out and some did of course. I still have about 5 more patterns to work on and two of them are dresses and I think I'll be done after these. I already have a few outfits I'm ready to work on from my TNT set but first I want to complete this stage. This does not me I will not try out new patterns from time to time, I have no plans of giving up on trying new ones but at least I'll have some TNTs to fall back on.

As always happy sewing everyone.

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