Thursday, January 20, 2011

I can make at least two

Well things have been really slow around here this last past week, I mean so slow that I don't think I have turned on my sewing machine since my last post. That is I've been having a bad case of migraines lately, and when I get them I can't do a thing. So my place has been some what of wreck with the kids having half a day in school this week, so the most I can get done is very little cleaning and something for dinner. Sewing for now has been on halt. Tonight is no different, I can barely write this post without grabbing my head or putting it down. I'm still holding out hope to get at least two of my three projects done before the end of the month. I know I won't get the jacket started because the fabric and pattern are not match in terms of being able to get it out of the yardage I have. So now I have to plan something else for the denim.

I did manage to rearrange my sewing studio. So now I have a new set up that I hope will make sewing a bit more productive since things are right within stepping distance from one part to another without a lot of squeezing into spaces. I'll try to post pics as soon as I can.
In the mean time......happy sewing everyone

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