Saturday, January 08, 2011

Burda Pants Part 2

Keeping notes really do help, when I worked on my last pants fitting session I took a lot of notes and measurements, so with those in hand and few measurements and a muslin I was able to get a pretty good fit after two muslins. I won't say its perfect yet because I'm still learning but the look, feel and fit a lot better than anything I would get from the stores right now.

Everything cut except a few more interfacing pieces and I'm ready to go. I hope to start tonight. Also as soon as I can I'm going to post picks of my fabric buying spree on Thursday. Overall it was okay but I see that I'm still going to have to get a lot of things shipped to me.  Navigating the sewing supply stores and fabric stores is a real pain and still hard to find things I'm used to and need. I did manage to get sewing machine needles but not the interfacing I need and also I need more silk pins and some other notions. Well anyway until next time Happy sewing.

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