Saturday, November 20, 2010

Design it Yourself skirt- tools

Pretty straight forward, these are the tools I used when making the pattern.
  1. Paper- long enough and wide enough to draft one quater of your skirt, remember you need a front and back so two sheets is what you'll need.
  2. Paper cutting sissors- I keep a pair for paper and a few pair for fabric that I keep out of reach of  everyone in this house.
  3. Mechanical pencil- now I have read forum threads and books which say you need to use this kind of pencil and  some that say you don't, there are many arguments to both sides about but for me I just like the constant even line and no sharping is needed, that's enough for me.
  4. A square- this is for squaring various angles that will me made during the draft a regular 2 inch wide ruler will do tho or a triangle with a 90 degree angle. (this is not in the picture but I do have a  professional one)
  5. Do hicky measuring thing- okay that is not its name but its the little blue thing in the middle of my picture it helps me to add seam allowances or mark them with ease but again a regular 18x2 inch ruler will do.
  6. Hip curve- this is for smoothing out those angles that are formed when drafting your skirt
  7. Tape measure- for taking your own measurements, for me I don't use it to aid in drafting as it is too floppy so it doesn't stay still enough for me, but I do use it to measure curved areas.
  8. Skirt drafting directions- pretty much self explanatory. For those who do not have the book here is a good online source.
next post fabric and completed pattern

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