Thursday, February 13, 2014

LWD Completed also January's Garment AGAM (Pic Heavy)


These two dresses from the Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 RTW Collection were the inspiration for my design. I was/ am loving both the textiles and and silhouette. So I had to have mine.

So I have finally finished my dress. It only took me a month ( being sarcastic here).  I first had to redraft my knit top sloper. For one I have gotten a bit smaller since I perfected my first one last summer and two I needed a lower hip for this dress. Then I took like two weeks off due to the only thing that can get in the way of me and my sewing... FAMILY.
Once I was back in the studio, cutting out was a lot easier than I expected. I think this is my first time cutting out single layer, I basically treated the fabric as though it was a plaid. What took me a lot longer than I expected was matching and hand sewing the seams. Other than that sewing this dress was quite easy. The main body and skirt portion is made up of a polyester ruffle knit. For the sleeves, neckband and skirt band I used a cotton knit. The skirt band is made up of two layers to help give it support.

Quick Stats:

  • Self drafted dress
  • 8 pattern pieces (front, back, sleeve, neckband, front skirt band, back skirt band, front skirt, back skirt)
  • Sleeves are just below elbow
  • Dress is ankle length
  • Semi fitted design
  • This was my own design inspired by Chanel S/S 2014 Collection

 For the fabric I used both a cotton knit and a polyester ruffle knit I got  here in Riyadh. You can get your own from I had been eyeing this fabric for probably at least a year and I really wanted after seeing MazzyGirl's review. I have at least another meter left I think a simple tee maybe in mines or one of my daughter's near future.

Cut single layer since I need to match the ruffles on the side.

breaking out the good shears

I almost pulled a Jennifer Lawarence , ruining my dress with doritos dust.

I had to pin and hand sew every seam to keep it from slipping under the machine

Matched Side Seams
Cotton Knit Band

Front Plain


Until next time, happy sewing...


Juliane said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! This Chanel show was one of the best ever, in my opinion, and you chose one of the most elegant designs to recreate. Fabulous.

Dorothy DotDot said...


365 Dresses said...

Love this dress! So pretty, and yet sophisticated. The ruffle fabric has such motion and texture. Great job---I'm voting for you over at Pattern Review for the LWD contest.
By the way, there is a product called "Wonder Tape" that allows you to match up the ruffles and sew.


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