Thursday, January 09, 2014

A Garment A Month November & December

  So here are my very late MAGAM garments. November's boatneck top and December's Betsy Jacket from DIY Clothes.  While the top looks very good on me the neckline could use some more work. I think its mostly fabric related than anything, when I used facings for it they did not lay a flat as I wanted them to and when I used bias tape it made the neckline stand away from my body. In both treatments I used self fabric and the fabric is stretch embroidered cotton. I plan to work with some more and try to perfect it since it fits me so well.

December's Betsy jacket was not as successful as my top. Since my shirt is a bit fitted and the jacket is suppose to be a bit loose, I went on and just drafted this one from scratch using Cal's directions again. Once it was made up in muslin I noticed I had a bit of fullness in the armhole area. I darted it out and transferred the dart to the shoulder making a princess seam. Since I had plan on using a denim I decided to also add front patch pockets to give it sort of a classic denim jacket look.  Well once I had all the changes made and sewn up again in muslin, I realized that all that extra fullness at my waist is just not a good look. So I'm going to have to play around with this one also before I can commit to some fashion fabric.

shoulder princess seam

Until next time, happy sewing...


RhondaBuss said...

I think you are doing a fabulous job with your drafting. Great idea to rotate the fullness to a princessline dart.

Dorothy DotDot said...

Your hard work will definitely pay off.

Anonymous said...

You are making great progress with the drafting!


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