Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Working Away In the Workroom

Just a quick check in, nothing much to say but only to show that I am working. The pattern work is almost done, so I hope to be sewing soon. My fabric is a black denim with some stretch, it a bit of a pattern to it not sure what to call it tho. I still need to check my notions drawers to make sure I have everything I need, if not then I'll need to get out soon.

 So here is the current state of my sewing studio always a mess during a project, I almost always clean it completely when its done but it doesn't last long at all. Now back to work for me, I need all the time I can get if I want to finish this on time

Until next time, happy sewing...

1 comment:

Nanna said...

sounds like you've got a plan! a good messy sewing room is a good sign of progress lol! I'm hopeing to mess mine up really good this weekend lol!


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