Friday, October 05, 2012

Bound Buttonholes.... Still Working On It

Learning to do bound buttonholes has been goal of mine ever since I saw few other sewing bloggers use them on some of their outer wear, and I do have to say they take any garment to the next level.  So I have many books and several Threads articals that explain how to do bound buttonholes but I decided to start with Vogue Sewing Book for no particular reason just did. Since I have and older one that I got from my great aunt and one that I bought a few years ago, I decided to see how they compare. Well they are almost the exact same including pictures, at least in the case of how to do bound buttonholes. Slight differences are drawings being slightly enhanced with red color and also instead of just measurements in imperial they are also in metric with the newer version. You can see with the pictures below. Just let everyone know now: THIS IS NOT A TUTORIAL. Just showing others what I'm learning and my progress as I learn.

Two piece method for bound buttonholes in the older book from 1973.

 Two piece method for bound buttonholes in the newer book from 2006. Also as you can see in the newer version the directions are broken down into each step instead of paragraph form found in the older version.

 Since I was thinking of putting them on my vest I'm working on I decided to go with the two piece method, since the book says" This method  is fast and easy for firm fabrics and textured knits"

So I'm using leftover fabric from the skirt and vest( which is W.I.P.). I cut enough strips for 10 practice buttonholes. Each stripe should be inch wide and length equals length of buttonholes plus 1 inch, times two for each buttonhole.

 I'm using what I have for now which are some buttons I picked up when I was still in America but I would like something a little smaller, so if I get a chance to go shopping for other buttons before I am done with this vest I'm replacing these. So based on that equation above, each piece should be 1 inch wide and 1 3/4 inches long.
 Step 2: Wrong sides together, fold strip in half lenghtwise  and press lightly.
 Step 3: Machine baste 1/8" (3mm) from folded edge.
As you can see my machine has the 1/8" making on the plate so this was easy for me to do.

Step 4: Cut the strip into sections the lenght of the buttonhole plus 1" (25mm) and trim the cut edge to a scant 1/8" (3mm) frrom the stitching.

My stripes cut and ready.

 Step 5: Baste one stripe to the right side, placing the cut edge along the thread-traced position line. Using small stitches, stitch the lenght of the buttonhole through all thicknessess directly over the stitching on the strip. Leave the thread ends long enough to tie. Repeat for the second strip on the opposite side of the thread traced line so that the cut edges meet.

Step 6: Pull the thread ends through to the wrong side; tie.

Step 7: Slash, being careful not to cut through the strips.

Step 8: Turn the strips  to the inside and press.

Step 9: Finish the corners as shown in previous methods.
This is my second practice buttonhole the one just above is my first.
 This is the third buttonhole.
and this is my fourth buttonhole. I did do a fifth but no pic of it. I plan to practice the remaining five tonight.

Until next time, happy sewing...

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If you haven't seen it, Laura Mae has one of the best tutorials I have seen online for bound buttonholes at


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