Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Pant

New Look 6570 is my pant, I have worked with this pattern before and got a good fit. I'm not sure what happened to it but I have retracted it for this challenge. I don't remember much about my first attempts with this pattern other than I think I added about 3 inches of length to the back crotch length and also I needed to take in the back seam more. Other than that I will have to make a muslin to see my other fit issues. I don't plan to make this one right away but I do have plans for it. I think my first will be jeans since I want to participate in the Jeans contest on

Until next time happy sewing...

1 comment:

SewCool21 said...

Great! I cant wait to see the muslin of the patter you choose.


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