Friday, July 02, 2010

First major notions purchase

My first major notions purchase since being in my new country, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprise at how easy it was to find what I wanted. Why the surprise? Well first off I don't speak the language and two if you ever been to the this souk its a lot of stuff crammed into a small space and there can be a lot people in this small space. I also purchased this rockin knit print but that was at another store not far from the notions store. I had no intentions of buying fabric but it was the last piece, 3 meters and I just had to have it. I can't wait to make it up, I just want to throw everything aside just to sew this baby up now. I know what pattern I want to use, but I'll keep it a secret until it's done. But I'll give you a hint sweetheart, it's a top I'm lengthening into a maxi dress.

So what did I get other than the fabric
  1. Cones of thread, four each of navy blue, black, white, and grey.
  2. Small rolls of thread in burgundy, black, navy and white
  3. Interfacing 3 meters
  4. Black Lining 3 meters
  5. A 24 yard roll of 1 inch wide elastic ( I got a deal on this)
  6. Some buttons for the shirts I'm making
  7. and some pins
I still need to get a couple of zippers, while they had plenty I could only find invisible zippers in the colors I needed. But I have some I can use for not but I need to keep one so I can use it as a sample of what I need when I go next time. 

Well hopefully I'll have something completed soon to show. 

As always more later... hopefully.

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