Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Year with Wendy... Sew U series review


If you have all three Sew U books by Wendy Mullin of Built by Wendy  then you have enough to keep you busy every week for one year , that is if you did one project per week. There are 53 total projects broken down it is:
  • Sew U - 10 items
  • Sew U Home Stretch - 18 items
  • Built By Wendy Dresses Sew U guide to Frocks- 25 items
 Sew U books are some of my favorite books. When I wanna sit down and do some reading Sew U books are ones that grab a lot. All three contain 3 simplicity patterns that are used with the projects in the book and they range in size from xs to large. One of the main things I like about the book is its idea to keep reusing the same patterns but to change to look , weather it's using different fabrics, changing the length, adding trim, adding a new detail such as pockets or drawstring, or taking a way such as a collar or cuff. For some reason that concept or idea appeals to me more than always find a new and sew that one up. Now don't get me wrong I love collecting patterns, I don't know why but I do, but how many pants patterns do I need especially if I have the knowledge and creativity to change them to what I want. A few years ago when I first started sewing I was naive about everything when it came to a pattern. I use to think they were disposable, after all they were this thin tissue paper how could you keep that???? I lost a lot of patterns I wish I had now thinking that way. Well I have learned a lot since then and a have acquired a lot of books back then I had none I was only going by the pattern for everything. To keep it short and simple, if your new to sewing or more advanced, Eco-conscious, wanna sew your own style or just wanna express your creativity there is something for everyone in these books. Hopefully in the next three weeks I'll be doing individual book reviews with more pics.

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