Saturday, May 30, 2009

Postpartum wardrobe and new book

I finished my first item for my mini postpartum wardrobe last week and have already gotten started on my second item which is a top. I hope to finish tonight and post tomorrow God-Willing. First up is a gaucho or split skirt and it was pretty much fast and easy, I added welt pockets to the back. These are only my second welt pockets, the first being the practice pocket I made. They aren't perfect but I am happy with how they came out. I think for my next practice welt pockets I'll try the method used in my new book "Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers" For the split skirt I used an OOP Its So Easy Simplicity pattern 4234 view B. I'm thinking of making another pair but adding a band at the bottom to give it a pedal pusher type look. We'll see. For this pair I used a lightweight all cotton denim. I'm using natural lightweight fabrics for this mini wardrobe since I'm due in the middle of summer and after two weeks of rest in the home I'm ready to get out. I got my book order and so far so good I'm still reading and previewing it but once I'm done I hope to give a full book review. I actually plan to start practicing the techniques during my last month of pregnancy since I'll take a small break from garment sewing. I Also bought the sample book that goes along with it and use it to help me keep track of the new techniques I learn. I have even printed out the mini patterns that are used from the internet so everything is ready and waiting for me to get started. Happy Sewing

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