Friday, October 10, 2008

Cleaning and Organizing

Well I still have the M.K. jacket still waiting and I hope to get to it sometime this month, but first I had to do some cleaning up. My little sewing area was becoming a mess and I was not getting anything done. So this was NOT working, I have so many UFOs it was not funny and I had so many things thrown around in my little area it was slowing me down a lot. So these last few days between studying I had been doing a lot of planning and thinking about my sewing. I so I made some new rules for myself but these rules do not take the enjoyment out of it but instead help me to do more and be more efficient. Rule number one only work in one garment at a time until its done including hemming and hand sewing. Like I said I have a lot of unfinished projects due to these two things. Rule number two I'm allowed to plan my seasonal sewing but allow room for those sewing impulses where i see something i have to sew right a way that way again it does not become a chore to stick with an exact plan or schedule. I do plan on slowly getting to my UFO pile but to take it slowly. I hope to make a list of these projects on the side of my blog and as I finish them between other projects to check them off. So today in between homeschool lessons I cleaned out my sewing area and this took me at least 3 hours which is not funny for such a small space. I was not able to take pics because the light in that room had blown and I need DH to change the light bulb so I was working with only sunlight and the light was fading fast. But now I feel much better and I think I work much better and get a lot more done. I'm working on my blueffetti tee, I'll try to post pics later today. Now on to some more interesting stuff. I just won these skirt patternmaking books on ebay and already I see some new skirts coming my way. I don't speak or read Japanese ,even though I did take it in college, but I can figure out the drawings well enough to get me started. Like exposed zippers. Well thats it for now hope to do more undating soon

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